Rachel Brown Jewellery: enamelled studs
RBJE1 Large round studs/silver,enamel £28
Rachel Brown Jewellery:enamelled studs
RBJE1 Small round studs/silver, enamel £25
RBJE2 Single and double (2)
RBJE2 Square curved studs/ silver, enamel/ single £30 (double no longer available)
Rachel Brown Jewellery Enamelled earrings
RBJE3  Long earrings/ silver, enamel  £60
Rachel Brown Jewellery enamalled earrings
RBJE4 Hoop earrings/ silver, enamel narrow £84 wide £84
Rachel Brown Jewellery enamelled studs
RBJE5 Round/square inset studs/silver, copper, enamel £64
Rachel Brown Jewellery:enamelled studs
RBJE6 Box studs/ silver, enamel £68
Rachel Brown Jewellery Enamel studs
RBJE7  Box studs with drop detail/ silver, enamel/  long £84 short £80


RBJE9 (2)
RBJE9 Loop Studs/Silver, enamel £30
RBJE10 Square/round flat studs with hanging detail/ silver, enamel £80
RBJE11 Long and short (2)
RBJE11 Inset box studs with silver detail/ silver, enamel, copper long £90 short £68
RBJE12 Thick silver hanging earrings/ silver, enamel/  long £70, short £68
RBJE14 Large and small
RBJE14 Half moon studs/ silver, enamel large (no longer available) small £64
RBJE15 (2)
RBJE15 Domed Studs with Removable drop/ Silver,enamel £60
RBJE16 (2)
RBJE16 Hoop earrings with round detail/ silver, enamel £75
RBJE18 Arched studs/silver/enamel £35 RBJE19 Tiny studs/silver/enamel £17
RBJE20 Square studs with loops/ silver/enamel £80
RBJE21 Curved studs/silver/enamel £50
RBJE23 Layered earrings with gold detail/silver/enamel/9ct goldplate £85
RBJE25 Lines and patterns studs/ silver/enamel £48
RBJE22 Skinny studs/silver/enamel/9ct gold/£42
RBJE26 Irregular square with wire detail/silver/enamel/£45
RBJE27 Arch shaped earrings with gap/silver/enamel/£75
RBJE29 Hoop and dome studs/silver/enamel/ £64
RBJE30 Double disc studs/silver/enamel/9ct gold plate/£85/with gold £88